Flesh Edit

Flesh or some weird cat man, is a friend to kenny and pb. He is a chill back cat who likes to eat food and talks about memes. He was first introduced on the live steams back in late 2016. The first stream he was in he had a vary squeaky voice, but now his voice is more suttle but it has some cracks here and there, but over all it ok to lessen to. He enjoys reading fan fiction, with his crew.

flesh as his fursona Edit

flesh his oc is really named

steven ubaidah cabael or (suc)

Nicknames: flesh, weird cat Age: 20 Gender: male Sexualty: straight  Mental illness: slightly depessed  Likes: drugs, ass, sleeping, making fun of people. Dislikes: not smashing pussy Mate: none Ken: 60 and under Frends:  Bff: anxiety monster  Favorite color : mutalic blue Favorite food: food Hobby: making memes and talking to friends also being a shit lord Shortened backstory: he was adopted and his fake parents no like him abd kicked him out of his home and his real parents died by the black plague  Religion: atheist

fun facts Edit

  • flesh plays video games and is planing to steam himself playing some day
  • he has been mistaken for being gay, according to pb.
  • has been to 1 comic con with pb
  • he has admitted to "like" pb as a "good friend"
  • when he was little he rolled down a hill with a tonka truck and got a cut that when all the way up to his nee from a bike at the bottom of the hill he rolled down
  • he respects furrys
  • he wants to hide his identity so people dont kill\ rape him
  • he likes the color red