Amber L. Smith Edit

Amber also known as anxiety monster or simply pb. They are certainly ruing a YouTube channel, where he makes random videos. He began to live steam when he was 8, he used to live steam animal jam. Now he live steam with there friends flesh and Kenny, on the new and improved Shit talk show. He also is working on music teamed with his friend coke, as well as him making cover art for the albums as well. he plays the trombone

All of the nicknames he has Edit

Zane, chis, mr. easy bake, pb, anxiety, anxie, Annie, inanity, hamber, ambe, ham, hamburger, bug, Christoper, monster, connie, shitty titty, Christian, crazy fucker, mr big balls, lil hoe, marsh, lemonade, pee pee hole

( i might be miss some but i thank thats all of them.)

places where u can find him Edit

fun factsEdit

  • he as 7 cats and loven it.
  • pb for a long time thought flesh was gay for all the jokes he had made about gays turns out hes not gay
  • pb has killed many animals
  • when pb was younger he climbed up trees to get bird eggs and eat if they where alive then he would eat them
  • pb has really bad anxiety hits the name he gave himself anxiety monster
  • as a kid pb had a hard time seeing the marker bored and derided one day to walk up to the bored and draw a 9 inch dick on the bored he got suspended for 5 days
  • his likes the colors poket pink and pastel blue and sometimes pineapple purple